Looking for the Next Tenbagger

Many people today are looking at the stock market and thinking "Am I buying a top?" They missed the astronomical rise in bitcoin, ethereum, and all other alt-coins, and are looking for the next 10x return opportunities. A recent article published by a Harvard graduate makes a bold claim that the best place to park investment money currently is in an industry that isn't even legal at the federal level - cannabis.

Although more and more states are adopting medical use of cannabis, the federal government has not budged an inch. This makes the industry unattractive to the risk averse. Sure we are all smart enough to know that tenbaggers are very rarely associated with safe investments, so with the proper perspective you can see that other people's fear is your gain in a field with such a uncertain, yet promising future.

Investment advise touted endlessly on media outlets like Bloomberg and CNBC is generally geared for only the very conservative investor. You won't make a lot of money, but you probably won't lose your capital either. Just look at the advise of their experts on investing 10K. While this is palatable to the general public, it is not where you'll find your tenbagger. And unfortunately, often times the experts primarily talk their own books - i.e. want you to buy what their funds have already bought.

History makes it clear that the triple digit returns come from early adopters of new disruptors. When you take a minute to evaluate the massive profits generated by prescription drug makers, you will begin to understand just how disruptive and profitable medical cannabis could be.

If you don't live in a cannabis legal state, you might very well be blind to all the technology and service companies being created around this industry. But that doesn't mean you can't open your eyes and look for incredible investment opportunities. Good luck.